How to find the best International Schools in London

How to find the best International Schools in London

Choosing an ideal school for your child could seem like a humongous task. With the growing number of schools across the world, it has become difficult to narrow down the options and finalize on the one school which will be responsible for shaping up the future of your child. If you are residing in London or have decided to move to London with your family, finding a school is the first step towards the child’s education. Those children who attend school in London are a part of UK’s education system which is compulsory for all children between the ages of 4 to 18.

Firstly, you should narrow down the list of international schools in London and look for the rankings and reputation of the school. Some of the most popular international schools in London have exceptional facilities and a highly qualified staff which helps in the overall development of the student. Listed below are some of the best international schools in London:

  1. The International School of London: The school is located in Chiswick, West London and is very popular among families from across the globe. Many students have won places at Oxford and Cambridge University in the UK. It offers an IB curriculum and has world class facilities.
  2. The American School in London: The American School is located in St. John’s Wood in North West London and is predominantly attended by kids with atleast one American parent. However, there is a diverse selection of students from across the globe and it offers the most sought after high school education. The school has been rated outstanding in every category.
  3. Southbank International School: The school is one of the most popular international schools in London with campuses in Westminster, Hampstead and Kensington. Majority of the students who attend the IB curriculum are from international families and the school offers more than 20 different languages for the students to choose from. The curriculum ensures that the students are proficient in English and Spanish at a Primary level, in addition to the other languages as a part of the curriculum. The students and the staff are from more than 75 different nationalities. Contact Southbank International School to ensure that your child is a part of the best learning institute in London.
  4. L’Ecole Internationale Franco-Anglaise: The independent school is based in Marylebone and provides bilingual primary and secondary education to students living in London. It offers a French academic curriculum to students aged between 3 to 15 years. The school is quite small with only about 160 students in 8 different groups.
  5. ACS International schools: The school has three different locations around London, which include Egham, Cobham and Hillingdon. It offers American courses as well as IB curriculum and has a diverse range of students with majority hailing from the United States, followed by the UK.

The admission process in every school is different and the criteria for admission also vary among the institutes.

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