5 Tips For Travelling With A Baby

5 Tips For Travelling With A Baby

Travelling with a baby can be a harder job than being a parent if you are not organised. If you want to travel freely and with a calm mind, there are loads of thing to consider before you think about walking out that door. Oh, and please don’t forget the pacifier!

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Let’s talk about some tips for travelling with your baby:

Plan Your Airplane Seat

Make your booking way before you’re planning on travelling. Not a week but maybe a month or so. Why? Because when you’re travelling with a child, the airline makes sure you and your child are placed in specific spots where they have child safety restraints. Try to get a front seat because the back of the plane tends to be noisier.

If you’re going on a road trip, make sure you have a car seat for your infant and it is adjusted per their height and weight.

Unpacking On Your Arrival

As soon as you arrive to your hotel or villa, set your room up and unpack all your baby products and make sure the environment is baby safe. Make sure you have everything you need so you have time to drop by the store and get things that are missing.

Create a play space where it is safe and secure for your baby to play and crawl around while you take a shower or get dressed. Throw some toys around and a colouring book to get them occupied and it’ll make them feel more comfortable with the unfamiliar area.

Kitchen space! If your room doesn’t have a kitchenette make one! Create a spot where you can store all your bottles, baby food and formula. So, you know when you’re waking up to feed at two in the morning you know exactly where to go.

Strollers And Baby Backpacks

Sometimes it’s hard for infants to adapt to places. Most of them might have trouble sleeping through the night knowing they’re in some strange crib! To make sure you and your baby are healthy, sync your siestas to theirs. If all three; mum, dad and baby are on a roll all night. Take turns to baby sit during the day while the other parent goes for a stroll with the baby and the other takes a power nap.

Keep healthy while taking a walk with your baby while he or she is in a stroller, this might keep them calm. It will also give them time to catch up on the sleep they lost during the night while you go sight viewing. If they are not comfortable in the stroller, make use of a baby backpack, but make sure you try the backpack out before going public with it before it turns out into major chaos!

Reserving Correct Rooms

Book a room where you are sure you won’t bother anyone if you know your child is prone to waking up crying during the night. A double room or a suite is more spacious to move around when you have more than one toddler. And, where it is easier for you to sneak off to the beach or go to the bar for a drink.

Romantic Dinner?

If you feel like spending time with your wife or hubby, grab some dinner early. Not only will it be romantic, you’ll also be stress free as you are more likely to have free space in the restaurant. Moving around with the baby’s bag and stroller shouldn’t be difficult and there’s more space to park it.