Adoption Blogs That Share Personal Adoption Stories

Adoption Blogs That Share Personal Adoption Stories

Adoption stories are just so important. Without the tales of struggle to success, not nearly as many people would find the strength it takes to complete the process. Without the raw honesty of their content, not half as many people would understand the harsh reality of the orphan crisis. Adoption stories are so important for everybody.

Adoption Blogs Share Personal Adoption Stories

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By far, the most effective way to tell these stories is through blogs. Blogs allow you to see timelines of the family’s milestones, read what are essentially diary entries throughout their journey and celebrate the joy of the family when they finally come together on a much deeper level than any other form of storytelling could allow.

Because adoption blogs mean so much to me, I decided to share just a few of these jewels with you in hopes that it will inspire and connect you to the world of adoption in a way that maybe you’ve never experienced it before.

4 Great Adoption Blogs:

The Big Long Wait:

Adoptive parents of two, Kelley and Kevin, blog about their “crazy blessed life” and open adoption. This blog is very thorough on its explanations about what open adoption is and what it’s really like (not as scary as it sounds).

My Single Adoption

Autumn tells a continuing story of adoption and parenting as a single woman. Inspiring, empowering, and simply heartwarming, this blog is a must read for women everywhere.

Finding Mei Mei

One of the bigger questions adoptive couples must answer is whether or not they are willing to adopt a child with special needs. As Maureen mentions, the initial thought of adopting a child with special needs is just plain scary for most people. If you are on the fence about what the right choice for your family is regarding international and/or special needs adoption, I especially recommend this blog to you.

Adoption and Foster Care: My Personal Experiences

Adoption is a high calling. Some would argue that foster parenting is an even higher calling. It requires the constant coming and going of children you love as your own. Sometimes, though, this type of parenting results in adoption. In this blog, Mary speaks on her experiences of heartbreak and joy as a foster-to-adopt parent while educating anybody who may be considering pursuing this parenting path on their own.

Which of these adoption blogs is your favorite? What are some of your favorite adoption blogs?