Here’s Where I Really Need To Get Organised In My House

Here’s Where I Really Need To Get Organised In My House

Since we bought this home, we have been trying to figure out the best way to get it right for our family. We knew there would be a lot of work to do. And moving into it first seems to have created so many more problems to solve! We honestly thought that moving into our own family home would give us more space and we could finally be organised and tidy. Boy were we wrong!

It seems we might have just used the space to spread out even more. Everything seems to be full of clutter at the moment. The garage is in a mess, and even the rooms we’ve done up seem to be less than immaculate already. I think we lack storage solutions more than space. Nothing is as organised as I would hope. Kids things come in all shapes and sizes, so they’re the hardest to keep tidy.

So my mission this week is to make a list of things that aren’t working so I can make a list of solutions. That’s definitely a task for a Mummy! One of the first problems I want to solve is the bathroom. I’m glad it’s only us sharing it because it can be so embarrassing to see the state it gets into. All the tools for nappy changing and toilet training are clogging up the space. Not to mention all the different products and toiletries the four of us use.

I read up on bathroom furniture on a blog site at the other day. It makes sense to fit cupboards around those nooks and crannies under the sink and around the cistern. Plus it would save me hours of cleaning every week! Just being able to put all the different bubble bath bottles away would be a start! It would certainly make for a stylish renovation of the room for us.


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Storing toys has become a huge problem. They’re just so big and bulky. I’ve been looking at those toy hammocks and hanging tiers for toys recently. I think they’ll be ideal for the kids rooms. For those bigger, bulkier toys, like walkers and shopping trolleys, I really need a cupboard of some sort. Fitted wardrobes make sense, but they’ll be stealing valuable space in the room that I just can’t afford to lose. Instead, I think it’s time to declutter the under-stairs cupboard.

There is a corner of my living room that I use for a pouf and coffee table. I’ve spotted some that lift up to reveal storage underneath. This would be perfect for us to store all the family board games and store away some of the toys. It seems there are lots of furniture ideas out there that incorporate storage. One of the things on my list is a new bed that lifts up with storage for all your jumpers and bedding.

It’s funny how we can spread out to fill any space. I’m certain if I lived in a mansion I would still run out of space in five minutes. It’s soon going to be Christmas, so I guess it’s time for a clearout to make space for the next wave of toys. And so it starts again!