Shakuntali Siberia opens up the magic of Indo-Tibetan healing

Shakuntali Siberia opens up the magic of Indo-Tibetan healing

Indo-Tibetan healing is quite a widespread method among those who show a responsible approach to their health. Shakuntali Siberia, the Enlightened woman, who possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities, is one of the few who have the knowledge of this method and apply it successfully.
Indo-Tibetan way of healing is an ancient method that only 8 healers in the whole world are able to practice. This is the unique method that cures and destroys all the diseases, viruses and bacterias at almost all stages.
The method of healing is pure and simple. Fundamentally, it is the filling of the body with the strength and energy to cope with the disease. After the curing process is finished, the patient feels renewed at all levels: physical, mental, spiritual and energetical.

Aggravation means no harm

Shakuntali Siberia warns that it is not rare when after the Indo-Tibetan sessions the condition gets worse and the symptoms get stronger. It may take from 2 days to a week and depends on the seriousness of the disease. Shakuntali Siberia notices that there nothing to be afraid of. Your body mobilizes, and at first, this leads to the temporary worsening of the condition. Just wait a little bit, and you will experience a full recovery. To cope with unpleasant symptoms, you may use a special meditation that offers Shakuntali Siberia. Visit to get more information.

How many sessions are required?

Basing on Shakutali Siberia’s experience, most commonly 9 sessions are required, it means 3 courses with 3 sessions in each course with a little break between courses. However, It happens quite often when even 1 course helps. Shakuntali Siberia has witnessed it during her practice.
Of course, the therapy duration depends on the age of the patient, the disease severity and other factors. In the case of life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer or chronic diseases, the curing may take 3 courses. The duration also depends on what lifestyle a person leads. If it is a more or less healthy one, then it will take fewer sessions to be cured and it would be easier to approach a full recovery. But if the person smokes, drinks alcohol and his/her diet is far from being perfect, then the energy that would be realised by the Indo-Tibetan method goes to get rid of the toxins first and only after that – to recover from the illness.
It is also important to remember that curing takes time and much energy. In the case of, for example, the cancer of the 4th stage, it may be too late. As a rule, when a person comes to the 4th stage of cancer, his/her body is so exhausted with the chemotherapy and other allopathic treatment, that it has no power for the recovery. In this case, Indo-Tibetan medicine helps to leave this world with no fear and pain.
For the same reason, Shakuntali Siberia explains, it would be the best way not to use very toxic medicines for Indo-Tibetan method could work faster and easier.

Miracles happen

Nevertheless, there is always a place for miracles and Shakuntali Siberia often witnesses when very serious diseases vanish without a trace after some sessions of Indo-Tibetan medicine. Patients with gangrene, in coma state – there is no warranty of recovery in such cases but sometimes these people can be cured too.
If it happens, it is very important to maintain the recovery and attend the curing sessions at least once a year that Shakuntali Siberia holds regularly. 
Shakuntali Siberia always stresses that there is no difference whether the patient believes in the method or not. In both cases, a person can be fully cured. The main thing is the desire to recover. If for some reason a patient does not want to recover, no method would help him/her.

Our energy channels – the key to health for our entire life

We are full of energy. There are lots of energy flows in our physical and subtile body. If these channels are blocked somewhere and the energy cannot flow easily, the body responds by the sickness. There are always wonderful methods for you to recover, such as the Indo-Tibetan method, but the best way is to stay healthy. Shakuntali Siberia’s mission is to give health and happiness to women all around the world and make them the real Women of Power. She holds lots of activities every day: seminars, individual sessions, classes in her Temple School. Everything is to maintain healthy energy in your body and not to let any disease to develop.
Visit Shakuntali’s website and choose health and happiness for yourself and your family!