The Best Once in a Lifetime Vacations You Can Take Right Now

The Best Once in a Lifetime Vacations You Can Take Right Now

The thing about a once in a lifetime vacation is that once you take one, you will find a way to do it again and again. The people who go to Disneyland often go every year. Many of them started out thinking of it as a once in a lifetime vacation.

A few days at a major theme park is just like any other big vacation. To do it right, you need time, money, and reasonably good health. It can be somewhat difficult to get all three of these things working for you at the same time. A truly memorable vacation can’t be rushed. A financially constrained vacation is more frustrating than fun. And no one can have a good time if you are too sick to enjoy it.

But when you have all three of those things working in your favor, you need to take advantage of the moment. Here are three of the best vacations you can take when all the stars you’ve wished upon are finally aligned:

The Lap of Luxury

One of the keys to a memorable vacation is to revel in the thing you otherwise don’t have access to in your day to day life. If you are constantly surrounded by luxury, a rustic vacation may be more for you. But if your life is marked by the mundane, your once in a lifetime vacation should be an excuse to take in as much luxury as the law allows.

Lawrence Welk Timeshare San Diego is one way to experience that luxury. Luxury with a side of adventure is what Welk Resorts are known for. Whether you define luxury as lavish appointments, exotic locations, pampering, or refined entertainment and activities, Welk has luxury and plenty of it.

Water World

One of the most exotic things we land-locked humans can do is to go where there is no land to be found as far as the eye can see. One of the most exotic ways to make that happen is to book some time on a yacht.

The thing to bear in mind is that not all yachts are created equally. Some specialize in corporate cruises, some in special events like weddings and wedding receptions. Some yachts are set up to be out for a few hours at a time. While others are meant to set sail for days or even weeks at a time.

If what you want is a luxury hotel with lots of restaurants, activities, games, clubs, shows, and more, all surrounded by nothing but ocean, then what you want is a cruise. On the right ship, the destination doesn’t really matter. Once you board the vessel, you have already arrived.

If there was any doubt, just consider The Cheat Sheet’s 10 best cruises to take. It is all about the ships, not the land. While there are plenty of stops along the way, there is little reason to ever leave the ship. It has everything you could want. Best of all, dollar for dollar, there is no better vacation value on the planet than the ones you will find at sea.

Someplace Different

If you go to an exotic locale, you will find that the natives don’t think of it as exotic. They just think of it as home. Exotic is whatever you find different and mysterious in a compelling way. If you never left your comfort zone, then it cannot be said that you had an exotic vacation.

To ensure that your vacation is maximally memorable, try visiting a place where your native language is not their native language. In the world’s most interesting vacation spots, there are enough people who speak English so that you can find a restroom, get a taxi, and order a meal.

One thing you can almost always count on is that when the native language is different, so are the local customs. Visiting such a place means that you will come back with stories to tell, and broadened horizons.

It doesn’t really matter where you go. For a once in a lifetime vacation, find the luxury experiences. Escape the confines of solid ground. And discover the truly different.