The Effects of Ageing

The Effects of Ageing

As we age, so does the appearance of our skin. Unfortunately, skin naturally loses its youthful appearance as we get older. However, there are factors that accelerate skin ageing that we can avoid. Cosmetic specialists Bella Vou outlines how sun exposure, an unhealthy diet and bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, can all take their toll on your skin.

Natural changes

As you get older, your skin begins to lose its elasticity and can appear less smooth and tight than it did in the past. This is because fat composites below the skin’s surface gradually deteriorate, causing skin to loosen and leaving your face with a leaner, more tired look.

One of the most common signs of ageing is wrinkles on the face that appear as a result of the expressions you make. They can be noticed as early as your late 20s and can become more apparent as time goes on.

As you age, the natural forces of gravity can cause skin around the eyebrows and eyelids to droop and the skin underneath the chin to sag. Unfortunately, you cannot control the effects of gravity. However, there are other elements that you can control to help slow down the impact of ageing on your skin.

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Sun exposure

It is scientifically proven that overexposure to the sun can severely damage skin. You can see this by comparing the elasticity and smoothness of your skin in areas of your body, such as your face, that have regular sun exposure with areas that aren’t exposed to the sun as often.

The UV light from the sun damages the elastic fibres of the skin, causing it to stretch and sag. Sun damage may not show when you’re young. However, overexposure to the sun becomes more apparent in your skin over time.

An unhealthy diet

A varied, healthy diet and adequate fluids are essential if you want to maintain a youthful appearance. Dehydration significantly increases your risk of skin damage.

Similarly, an unhealthy diet can cause damage to the skin such as rashes, skin lesions and other changes, all of which can be difficult to repair. It is important to try and keep your skin well moisturised as well hydrated skin heals more quickly and can help you to maintain a younger look.

Drinking and smoking

As you look to minimise the ageing process as much as possible, kicking habits like smoking and drinking can help to extend your skin’s elasticity and slow the effects of ageing.

Of course, your skin won’t always look baby-smooth, but by reducing your sun exposure, eating a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, you can keep it looking younger for longer.