Tweezers – The Ultimate Beauty Tool

Tweezers – The Ultimate Beauty Tool

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Tweezers are the classic beauty item in all our makeup bags – but not everyone knows that a good pair of tweezers can make a big difference.

This infographic from Moo.Review lists 30 tips, facts and vital bits of knowledge on tweezers for you to quickly get up to speed.

Did you know tweezers are known to have been used for over 5,000 years? Wow.

Potentially even more incredibly, as part of their guide (click here to view) Moo.Review actually hand-tested over 80 different pairs of tweezers. Talk about thorough! They cover all the best models/brands of tweezers for each job and style of tweezer, as well as loads of different tips and bits of advice that you won’t believe you lived without.

Do you use tweezers for plucking? Have any tips? Leave a comment below!