Why a Will Needs to Be Looked After by Experts

Why a Will Needs to Be Looked After by Experts

Many people still don’t really spend much time thinking about various issues, and often these issues are of a major importance to loved ones, family and friends. We’ve all heard about people experiencing the devastating effects of sadly losing a family member unawares, which then becomes even harder because the deceased had no will in place.

So, let’s take have a look at some things to consider, if you still don’t have a properly prepared will:

  • Exactly who will inherit what? Minus a prepared will, means that the government will get to choose who will, and won’t inherit your assets based on the Law of Intestacy. Most of us have no desire at all to leave our estate to people we have not chosen.
  • Guardianship of children – Arrangement of a lawful guardian is a very important choice to be made, and without the advantage of a will, the authorities can then take it upon themselves to decide on a legal guardian to look after your children. This essentially means that your loved ones may end up with people that you would never have chosen to take care of them. This will generate distress for your children, and those family members, who were expecting to be their guardians.
  • Inheritance Tax- Who out there wants to pay one penny more than they already do to the taxman?! With a written will, you can choose to lower the amount of inheritance tax you pay, if not fully eradicating all of it.
  • Funeral Preparations – Without a will, the fees for arranging a funeral will be handed to a family member or friends to pay for in advance. This can then be claimed back later from the estate, if there is any money left in it, otherwise the friend or relative may not recover the costs.
  • Nowadays, pre-paid funeral plans, are more popular than ever
  • Charity Donation – Should you want to leave some money to any charity or organisation, this will become impossible, due to nothing being in place to specify your wishes.

And these are some of the reasons why you should get professional assistance to prepare your will rather than leave everything to chance, and the above are just a few of the basics.

Let’s now take a quick look at the benefits of employing a professional will service:

Expertise and Experience

It is in everyone’s best interests to hire a professional service, due to what has happened before so many times in the past. With even a minor mistake when dealing with such matters, it can create total disarray and end in costly and unnecessary legal battles.

Some Great Peace of Mind

If you want the very best for your family’s, relatives and friends future, it’s in your best interests to put everything in order before anything just might occur. After which, you won’t have deep seated worries regarding such matters.

Do as many others have already done for yourself and your loved ones.