Why Investing in Your Home is so Important

Why Investing in Your Home is so Important

Your home is what you can show for your efforts after working hard to carve out a living for you and your family. It’s where you can watch your kids grow older, wiser and, most importantly, where you will make your most endearing memories.

Blood will always be thicker than water, and a family home is one of the biggest and most important investments that you will have to make for yourself and for your kin. I am quite glad that I stood by this, and while it did take me some extra time before our home was completed, I could not be more satisfied:

The Kitchen

This is obviously where I would be spending most of my time, as this is the biggest source of energy for the whole household. You really can’t run on an empty stomach, and churning out dish after dish of important calories and equally important deliciousness requires a good base of operations.

I had high quality kitchen worktops spaced out properly around the room for easy reach.

I had to make sure that the room was spacious enough to move around, yet the counters and appliances were strategically placed that I worked efficiently. I am on top of my game here.


The Living Room

The living room is where we, as a family, gather around and watch commercials while TV shows and movies come on occasionally. This is where we let our guests mill about while we discuss the importance of important things that are surely quite important, as well as generally lounge about.

The living room can set the mood for the entire home, so I was really adamant on spending a lot of time designing it. I had to make sure it was family-friendly, toddler-resistant yet adult enough for a nice bottle of wine. The seating was arranged to surround a vintage coffee table, cozy enough so that conversation would always take precedence over the telly.

The Bathroom

Another very important part of any house, especially during the mornings when the fast has been broken. The bathroom was a bit tricky, as I really wanted it to be spacious enough for getting ready and for those days when you are just completely indecisive, yet cozy enough that sitting on the throne feels like a moment of meditation.

A compromise was made, and the result was a small to medium sized bathroom. We simply arranged everything to provide easy movement space, and kept with the theme of minimalism. Accessories were how the place was enhanced, with a couple of frames and mason jars in key areas. During a bowel emergency, we reasoned, the perfect bathroom is where you don’t trip on your way to the toilet.


The Office

I am not biased, and I spent most of my time deciding on my office because of very practical and logical reasons. More on that some other time.

As a writer, the most important aspect of the room was the freedom for creativity as well as enough tools for inspiration. Writer’s blocks are a real thing, and they can be a complete bummer especially when you really need to get things done. I made sure I had space to walk around, take a deep breath, look out a big window and look at the sky.

My walls were simple, professional looking and blank so as to keep my mind from fluttering every which way, though provided a space if I ever needed to pin down my ever-running thoughts.

Your home is where you and your family can run to when the challenges of the day have been a bit too harsh. This is where you will grow older, wiser and hopefully happier as the years go by, and it’s important that you make sure that your house truly feels like home.