Why MDF Skirtings Are The Right Choice For Your Home.

Why MDF Skirtings Are The Right Choice For Your Home.

No home decoration or refurbishment in the UK, is complete without the installation of skirting boards. It kind of part of our culture here in the UK, and when we see homes outside of the UK without skirting boards, it looks strange to us and we question why they haven’t put skirting boards on. A popular choice for skirtings is MDF, which is used in the construction of lots of furniture in the UK, but many people know its name, but are not really aware of what it actually is. In this article, I will explain the properties of MDF and why it is a great choice for your skirtings in your home or office.

What Is It.

MDF represents the words, medium density fibreboard, and it is made from fibres of wood. Those pieces of wood can be made up of both hard and softwood, and then they are combined together with resin and some wax. It is then heated up and bonded together, and then we have fibreboard. When you buy MDF skirting boards, what you are looking at is MDF with a veneer on top to look like wood. You can get skirting in most wood finishes and it really looks like the real thing. If you were to try to buy the real wood, you would be looking at great expense and you might be buying wood, that just isn’t suitable for the purpose.

No Warping Or Cracking.

Because MDF skirtings in Basildon, are made from MDF and so it is a man made material, it is very unlikely to warp  or crack, due to changes in temperature and moisture in your home or office. If you were to install real wood, then that would react to changes in temperature and moisture, and it would expand and contract and move away from the wall, causing cracks and kinks. If your wood skirting moves just a little, then you will definitely be able to see the join, if two pieces are together and it will ruin the look of any room. MDF can even be used in areas where there is fairly high moisture like bathrooms and kitchens.

No Joins.

As mentioned, MDF is man-made and so it is manufactured in long sheets and in many different sizes. The MDF skirting board can also be supplied in standardised lengths, and this means that you know exactly how long it is, when you buy it. This allows you to measure your room and predict exactly where joins are going to take place. You can then hide the joins somewhere in the room, where some furniture can hide it from prying eyes. You can also get the MDF skirting cut to specifications, so that you don’t experience any joins in a standard sized room in the UK. No joins, leaves the room looking sleek and sharp.

When thinking of doing your next skirting job, have a serious look at MDF. It is very user friendly and won’t change its shape due to moisture and temperature. It looks great and it won’t cost you the earth to buy it.