Won’t anyone think of the children?

Won’t anyone think of the children?

Looking back I sometimes thing that I was lucky growing up when I did, I see the effects modern woes can have on children, the restrictions they face, the hurdles they have to jump and the fear of the future. Things, I don’t really remember worrying about as a child. It does feel like my children are growing up quicker than I did, although as they are still young it’s not too bad, but I do fret about their future and when they get older, the difficulties they may face.

Recently My Voucher Codes surveyed parents to ask them whether they felt they had a better childhood than their children have. The results were eye-opening and did get me thinking, hence this post.  The majority of parents surveyed (47%) hoped that their children could enjoy the same upbringing they themselves had. However a number of parents felt that was not the case, for 21% of those surveyed whilst 32% wished they could have aspects of their own childhood and that of their children, a best of both worlds.

The results also showed that technology was considered a good and bad thing, 32% of parents felt that their children have too much of a reliance on technology, while 59% felt that technology had a positive effect offering their children more opportunities. I am one for not relying too much on technology to entertain your children, especially when they are young, yes technology can be a useful learning aid, but it shouldn’t be used as a babysitter when you’re busy. In fact recently I have talked about how to limit screen time for kids, looking at how less and less children seem to be playing out doors due to the explosion of devices.

I think as children get older its harder to say no to them, it’s not just the children that feel the peer pressure to have the latest things, pressure from other parents can make you feel like you don’t want your child to do without. From the survey 28% of parents feel they could be stricter, even I feel this sometimes, it doesn’t make you a bad parent. Instead it’s good to focus on the positive modern life bring, yes we are more consumerist and our children are always wanting something, but it is a good lesson to instil that actually you can’t have everything you want.

For me as a parent I will carry on pushing my children to spend as much time outside, learning or imaginative play. I want to keep them young as long as possible and certainly don’t want them to grow up too quickly.