7 reasons to live in a small town

<a></a>7 reasons to live in a small town

Meta description: This article will explore the reasons to live in a small town objectively, so that you can decide whether simpler living is the right choice for you.

Houses in a small town neighborhood.

Many people love living in big cities, even though it includes the constant hustle and bustle and fast-paced life. However, big city life isn’t for everyone, and it certainly has many shortfalls. We’ve recently witnessed significant migration of people selling their homes and moving to smaller, charming towns, driven by plenty of reasons. In the following article, we will explore 7 reasons to live in a small town and what you’ll love about it.

#1 The sense of community is strong

A sense of community is one of the main reasons to live in a small town because a community is always ready to help its folk. Residents of small towns tend to be friendly, communicative, and there are many opportunities to get involved in non-profit work or community projects. Communal gatherings such as festivals and parades are often organized, and neighbors can celebrate various local traditions together. It’s a blessing to have neighbors looking out for each other and each other’s kids. It also feels lovely to have people greet you every time you step out of your home, while at the same time, big-city dwellers can’t remember the person living in an apartment right next to them. In a small town, relations are easier to build, and you have a sense of belonging which you may otherwise never even know of.

#2 There are no problems with traffic and parking

If you want to buy a house in a small town, you will always have parking outside the grocery stores and other amenities. There are no traffic jams and as a bonus – you can drive and park your car or bike almost anywhere in town. Traffic causes a sheer waste of time for people living in big cities, while the small town folk can utilize that time productively. In small towns, almost anything you might need is within walking distance. It takes much less time to reach places you need, and there’s not much need for GPS. It’s indeed beautiful when you get parking at the location of your choice, and you don’t have to stand in a queue losing valuable time.

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#3 Less pollution

Another significant benefit and one of the reasons to live in a small town is the fresh air. Smog and fumes are incredibly bad for our health, and the consequences of air pollution are unending. People in big cities are breathing in so much junk and subject their children to it each day. In a small town, you can just stop to enjoy breathing fresh and clean air into your lungs. There’s also less noise pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution. When you live in a small town, many lifestyle diseases can’t find their way to you.

#4 Beautiful nature all round

Is there anyone who doesn’t like unspoiled nature scenery that nourishes the body and the soul? Nature is where we find tranquility and peace. Since trees in big cities are being cut down on a massive scale, people turn to small towns to find comfort in a place where nature is still very present. Spending time in nature is excellent for your mood and health. You’ll never be far from green, open spaces, peace, and quiet. You can enjoy breathtaking views of tree-lined streets each day and starry skies overhead each night.

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#5 A simpler life

Life is much less complicated in a small town because there are virtually no distractions you would find in big cities. There are no hundreds of shops, bars, restaurants, malls, and cinemas all around. Most of the time, there is no waiting in lines, whether you go to a pharmacy or grocery shopping. You will have a lot of quality time to spend on the simple things you like, such as:

#6 Sense of security

Crime rates are much higher in bigger cities when compared to small towns, and auto and home insurance premiums are lower. There’s minimal vandalism, so you can feel freer when walking in the streets and spending time at your home. Kids can play on the streets safely and uninterruptedly. Small town residents feel an incredible sense of personal security in their community, and that’s especially important for the elderly and families with children.

Man standing beside his wife teaching their daughter how to ride a bicycle.

#7 More affordable cost of living

Buying a home outside of a big city is much more affordable, as you may get more space for your money. Also, the rent is much lower, as well as utility bills. If you stay home more and enjoy your beautiful neighborhood, then you can save money on goods, gas, eating out, clothing, and cut off many other expenses. If you settle down in a cheaper area, many small things will add up and make a huge difference. You will spend less on entertainment and weekend getaways while opting to spend more time around natural wonders throughout the town. You can still have a lot of fun without paying big-city prices.

Moving to one of the charming towns in the UK

If you’ve decided to hire long-distance movers to help you reach your new home stress-free and move to a small town, you certainly have a lot to look forward to. If you want your relocation from this metropolis to a small, quiet town to be as stress-free as possible, make sure to start moving preparations on time. Declutter your home before packing, and have in mind that you won’t need so much stuff for starting a simpler life in a new area. If you want a completely smooth transition, you can hire a reliable moving company that will help you to begin a new life chapter relaxed like never before.

The bottom line

These 7 reasons to live in a small town are more than enough to pack your bags and escape the big city rush. If you decide to do so, life will become slower, you will get things done casually, and you won’t be in a constant rush to get somewhere. You may find a beautiful lakefront home to live in and enjoy the gorgeous views every day. You’ll meet lovely, friendly, family-oriented people, open to communication. All in all, there’ll be much to appreciate and learn, such as how to relax and enjoy the moment.

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