Keeping on top of everything when you go back to work after having a baby.

Keeping on top of everything when you go back to work after having a baby.

For the past year of so your life has changed you no longer have yourself to care for and finding time for yourself is a massive challenge let alone keeping the house organised. Becoming a mother for the first time is not only overwhelming but now gives you multiple roles alongside bringing in a wage. So when the time comes for you to decide that baby is at an age where you feel comfortable leaving them and resuming life back in the real world get ready for life to shift into a whole new gear. Not only will you have your working job role but you will be a mother and household chores will still all need doing.

Consider splitting the chores if you have a husband/partner. It is only fair that now you are working again and bringing in a wage that your husband/partner acknowledges the need to lighten your load, it’s only fair! Coming in after a long day at work to try and spend time with your children as well as trying to get on top of dishes, washing, hovering etc. can be exhausting! So talk it out with each other and come up with a plan of when each of you should do what.

Enlist the help of family, a grandmother/father, sister, brother if they are able and willing ask for help even if it is just to get them to come once a week to your house and give it a good going over or help you get on top of the washing once a week. Even just cleaning up the mountain of dishes in the kitchen sink! This will be a massive help to you and free up spare time for you to spend with the baby/kids who you are now spending less time with.  It’s not just housework they could help out with other things like shopping; picking kids up, taking kids to after school activities or just giving a hand now and again can make all the difference.

Paying someone to help with the cleaning such as an independent cleaner or a company can make life a whole lot easier. The problem being is being able to trust someone in your home when you are not there. Companies however do vet their employees.

The more you have to do it yourself the more it is likely to get more out of hand. Unless you are super mum of the year and can handle the vast workload of a working mum with ease. Failing that you could always try a ‘sell my house fast’ approach with a quick house sale company and move into a more manageable abode.