Preventative Car Maintenance Musts

Preventative Car Maintenance Musts

As with most things in life, a little prevention goes a long way. The same holds true for taking care of your car. Cars represent significant financial investments for most people. Ensuring that it’s in optimal running condition will mean savings on potentially costly repairs in the long run. Most owner’s manuals will spell out which preventative maintenance car owners need to pay special attention to. You can also access tons of educational resources about preventative maintenance at

Oil changes are one of the most important preventative maintenance tasks that you want to be sure you’re completely when they’re due. Conventional oil products should be changed in your car every three months or 3,000 miles. The rule of thumb is to do so whichever of those values come first. There are a variety of other oil types on the market which have a longer shelf-life in your and require less frequent changes. You should talk to a trusted mechanic about your oil options. If you don’t have a trusted mechanic handy, you can also use the mechanic locator tool on to find one in your area.

Ensuring your tires always have the appropriate tire pressure is also a critical preventative maintenance component. Under Inflated tires create more friction on the road which cause them to wear more quickly. You should check your owner’s manual, or the inside panel of your driver’s side door for guidance on the proper tire pressure for your vehicle. You should also rotate your tires a few times of year to even out the wear and make your tires last as long as possible.

Other items to check on a regular basis that will prevent costly repairs in the future include your braking system, your vehicle’s spark plugs and transmission components, and the fluids that keep your vehicle in optimal running condition. Interior air filters should be changed on occasion to ensure proper air conditioner function. You should also regularly inspect your car battery for any signs of corrosion that could cut short the life of the battery.

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