Treat your mum this Mother’s Day with a homemade gift

Treat your mum this Mother’s Day with a homemade gift

New research carried out by My Voucher Codes has shown that almost half of us struggle when it comes to choosing a gift for our mothers on Mother’s Day. With so much pressure to give the perfect gift, without blowing the bank, choosing to make your own Mother’s Day gift is becoming an even more popular option, especially as many Mother’s love the time and effort that has gone into this type of gift.

Depending on your skill set and available time there are hundreds of DIY gifts to choose from. Here we have chosen some of our favourites:

Hobby in a tin

Does your mum have a favourite hobby or does she keep saying she would like to try something new? Put together some of the things she would need to start this hobby in a pretty tin or Mason jar.  So for example if she wanted to get into gardening you could include a few packet of seeds, some garden twine and scissors and a pair of gardening gloves. Other ideas include a sewing kit in a jar, a calligraphy kit, a flower arranging kit, a jewellery making kit or add some cookie cutters and an apron for a baking themed kit.

Why I love you booklet

Jot down some of the reasons you love your mum either in a small book or on some note cards which you can then fasten together, including some old pictures or some of your mums favourite quotes will help add a personal touch. The beauty about this is that you can make the finished gifts as full and detailed as time will allow.

In case of Emergency treats

Put some of your mum’s favourite sweets and chocolates into a jar or tin, and a ribbon and a “hands off, Mum’s only” label. Tell her she can use it when it’s an emergency. The nice thing about this is that it can be custom made for your mums likes and dislikes with relative ease and without blowing the bank. If your mum isn’t into chocolate maybe a bottle of wine, a nice candle and some bubble bath so she can treat herself to a bath when the going gets tough.

Of course for those of us without any DIY skills, buying a gift is not always a bad idea and this tool might help you could up with something a little more unusual for your mum this year: